Where it all began.

So before I embark on this adventure, I'd like to give a little background.

I joined a Judo club when I was in primary school and fell in love with it immediately. I loved that I was good at a sport not many girls do and I think my coach worked with that! As I got better, I increased my training until I was competing in county and regional competitions. Badass 11 year old I know...

Molly, far right
Under 12s under 40kg category
That was what started my love of Japan really. I sadly quit just before starting secondary school. I didn't like what it was doing to my body and took up ballet instead. You can only imagine what an ex Judo player in a leotard looked like.

Knowing how to count to ten, and other 'Judo Japanese', the option was presented at secondary school to study Japanese. 'Way cooler than French,' I seem to remember telling my parents. They were probably just wondering why I couldn't choose a country a little closer to home, but that is me in a nutshell. So far, I haven't tended to follow the crowd...

All of that has me now in my second year of MA Japanese at The University of Edinburgh. My whole third year will be living and studying at a university in Japan.
That's where all this kicks off! From a Judo loving child, to a Japanese language learner and obsessive anthropologist. I'm as interested as the next person to see what happens to me living abroad for a year.

All I know so far, is that it is going to be scary and magical and utterly insane.



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