A home from home from home.

Apart from imminent deadlines, a colossal workload and general life catching up with me, it has been a fantastic week. This semester in general, has been so much better than I could possibly have expected. The only niggle is that I'm just starting to realise that what I've been dreaming about since starting university is just round the corner. I'm really going. I'm really packing up, getting on a plane, and going half a planet from home. That's great and all, but I'm just processing what I'm going to be leaving behind. I've built myself a little life in Edinburgh and become so close with friends and really feel like I've finally got my head around where I live. And I couldn't love a place more.

On Saturday night I went to the 50th anniversary of Edinburgh University Trampoline Club and danced the night away with people who have become family to me. It was the last proper social before exams, so for me, probably one of the last of my time in Edinburgh. There's three of us from my club going abroad, and a further 5 graduating this year. In between dancing and laughing, we all realised that our time as this little complete family is numbered. I guess that's the everchanging nature of a university demographic - noone is permanent. But going abroad is shortening my time I have in this beautiful city.

This weekend has been incredibly Un-Edinburgh... seeing flip flops and strappy tops in Scotland in MARCH just shows how a little sun can make 30,000 students infinitely happier. It makes long library sessions more bearable, to know that lunch outside is both vitamin D and happiness.
I walked back from Trampoline practice at 7pm in short sleeves, the first time I've bared any skin outside since probably October... and it was blissful. My 20 minute walk home through the meadows was filled with the gentle strumming of guitars, smoking BBQs, enough cider to probably fill a swimming pool and plenty of students enjoying the infrequent warmth.

So here's some more pictures of a place I love, bathed in sunshine, captured my a girl currently very bittersweet about having to leave my home from home to venture to a new home from home, from home. One that is Half a planet away.

My flatmate Rosie and I, with a dog we borrowed, The Meadows

Sunday, 7pm, The Meadows

Sunday, 7pm, The Meadows

Sunday, 7pm, The Meadows



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