Revision break: Booked Nepal.

Did you hear that right? I've booked a trip to Nepal? Well I'm ridiculously excited to say you did... I've decided to tack on a month in Nepal on my way to Japan, because, well, why the hell not. Something tells me this 'revision break' might also last the whole day...

Wish I was this chill about exams

Everyone else is headed back to Uni in September, and everyone at home will be back to work. I'm lucky that Okayama University doesn't start until October 1st, which gives me the whole of September free to explore a country I've never been before. I've organised to live with a host family in Pokhara, a city in central Nepal. I'll be working at the local school for two weeks before travelling for two weeks. I've read mixed reports but late September should be trek-able, so I'll head to the Annapurna Circuit and HOPEFULLY it will be clear enough to see the mountain ranges. If not, I'll spend my time fighting off leeches, doing as much outside as possible and eating Nepalese food until I literally explode for it is one of my favourite cuisines.

I'll be praying on every prayer flag for clear skies and beautiful days

I can't even tell you how excited I am. Slightly nervous, sure, as travelling alone is always a tad unnerving, but I cannot wait to explore such a magical country. I'm lucky enough that my visit will overlap with one of Nepal's biggest festivals, so although everything may or may not be shut for a week, I am so excited for an absolute assault on all my senses. Only thing left to think about is jabs, jabs, jabs. Oh, and wondering how ON EARTH I'm going to be able to pack my life into a suitcase, for both Nepal and Japan for a WHOLE YEAR. wowza. It's getting so real!

Dashain Festival, Nepal


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