The summer of a lifetime.

Howdy, long time no blog.

My exams for this year are finally over which means second year is complete and I am one step closer to getting over to Japan for the year! Edinburgh is an absolutely beautiful city and I think the students are really important to that. Not much makes me happier than leaving the library after a long day and seeing The Meadows bathed in beautiful sunshine and real life sun bathers, Kopparberg drinkers and quintessentially Edinburgian (is that a word) slackliners scattered around. There is even the occasional BBQ if its sweltering (anything above about 18 degrees). Now my exams are done too, I can BBQ to my hearts content and do all the things that I've been doing instead of revision without feeling bad about it. This smile will not be wiped from my face!

Arthur's Seat, 2017

This time last year I had already packed up and shipped out of Edinburgh on the 6th May and I was in Japan by the 10th; literally couldn't have got me out there any faster! However this year, as I'm not coming back to Edinburgh next year, I thought I would stay until the end of May and jut enjoy the time with my friends as I'm going to be doing about 10 long distance relationships for the next year. I'm not overly excited about that bit, but also am going to Japan so...

I plan to spend the next two weeks solidifying my travel plans for the summer and sorting out Japanese visas etc. I've also got to work out how I'm going to get my whole life here packed into the car and home. Goodness knows how I'm going to manage just one suitcase next year!

And what better way to celebrate than adding another place to the seemingly growing list of holiday/ travels for the summer! After much deliberation and bank account checks I booked a flight to see my friend in California for July. This will be the first time I've been to the West Coast and I am so excited! It will be much more of a holiday than Nepal for sure, but beaches, Yosemite and road trips are all coming my way and I can't wait for some much needed sunshine! Be prepared for an endless stream of Yosemite pictures.

The best part of it all?
I've bought flights to Nepal, Japan and California as well as organised visas and project placement costs in Nepal all on this semester's student loan... is that the best way to spend my money? I SAY YES.
Careful planning and saving throughout this year and last year meant I had enough money saved up to give me the chance to see the world on a shoestring!
That said... I will be absolutely skint by the end of the summer so will be grovelling will all family and friends for babysitting / car washing / will do anything for money / kind of jobs.

Dad has also put me in charge of finding a holiday for our family. He's given me a time frame and a budget, and nothing else. Now I've lost the exam shackles I intend on exploring every possibility of a budget exploring holiday! Morocco is high on the list at the moment so I'm excited to plan.

Edinburgh, Kent, Budapest, California, a mystery destination, Nepal AND Japan to tackle in the next 4 months! I am beyond excited. Can you tell?

Morocco, 2015

That's all for now guys and girls. I've got a whole heap of things to do. I'm getting my Instagram up and running before this summer of a lifetime too so check out some of my previous travels!



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