A month of colour, chaos and love.

How do I even begin to sum up my experiences of the last few weeks here in this wonderful country? How do I choose the last picture? How do I say goodbye to the truly magical people I have met since I have been here? I find it hard to comprehend how to put into words without writing a whole damn book the adventure I have had and the things I have been able to do. Alas, here I'll try to briefly condense how a country so full of chaos and colour melted me like chocolate left on the radiator. How I feel as if I've been on a roller coaster ride, but one that hummed slowly to a stop and has left me completely at peace.

Catching the sunrise from the hammock on top of the hostel in Kathmandu

The last few days have perhaps been the best and the happiest. I moved from a homestay to a backpacker hostel and have made friends with people I fully imagine I will run into somewhere else in the world, and I find that so incredibly exciting. The possibility of being able to backpack the world and catch up with friends in so many countries is such a special experience and I am so grateful to have had the chance.

My lovely lovely new friend Yasmin who had a challenging start to her trip but we filled our days with laughter!

Getting Tikka'd in exchange for large sums of money. That seems against the whole concept, but fun nevertheless

The difference in head space just over the course of the last month is evidently visible if you compare the last entry and this one. I am infinitely happier, shinier and so much better equipped to take on whatever gets thrown at me. In the wise words of a traveller we met in the hostel: 'if you want to make God laugh, make plans'. That short phrase sums up the country and my experience of it so incredibly well. The unplanned days were without a doubt the most enjoyable, memorable and exciting. Whether it be waking up early to catch the sunrise or getting lost down small Thamel streets, nothing quite compares to the buzz of exploring without a map. 

Because if you don't know where you're going, there's no way you can ever be lost.

A country packed with power lines makes stringing fairy lights easy (and inherently dangerous)

A very special time on this trip was getting into the mountains. Any feeling of self doubt and loneliness was erased as soon as we began to climb. 5 days to my own thoughts, stunning views and a wonderful guide with whom I danced, laughed and sang as we meandered up the mountains. I feel truly reset from the whole experience. Seeing the sunrise over the Annapurnas is something I had never thought I would be lucky enough to do. Yet my dream came true and as the sun glinted on the white snow caps of some of the tallest peaks in the world, everything else felt incredibly small in comparison.

The luckiest dog in the world


My amazing guide Punam

Views on the way down the mountain on day 5

A local lady wishes us well on our journey

Much appreciated bananas at the base 

My time in Nepal is over, just for now. It has been a month of colour, chaos and undying love; both for the country and my new found friends who I'm excited to chase around the globe.

The eyes that are always watching


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