A Second a Day of January.

Hello hello. I've been working on new ways to share with you all what I've been up to. I've been absolutely loving the travel Instagram I've been posting on almost daily, and have even met new people from the little community I'm now part of. I'm so glad I decided to actively document all my adventures. That said, there's so much of life here that I don't post on instagram. For one of my New Years' Resolutions I've decided to take a second of video each day to document all the normal stuff that goes on too. After all, I do have to go to class everyday that I haven't really talked much about.
So, here's my first video of a second a day. It is a complete mash of different feelings and experiences, from travel and excitement to very mundane days and some lonely times too. It's not the best quality so sorry about that but it is a little snapshot into the crazy life that is living in Japan.

I hope you enjoy!

It's not showing as big as I'd like it to on the blog so for optimum viewing check it out on Youtube!


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