Spring Break in Seconds.

Hi! Long time no post...

I'm finally back to Okayama after almost 2 months of spring break - a completely alien concept to a Brit! It seemed as soon as I got back from my Christmas travels I was off again. The holiday started with seeing off my wonderful friend Eloise as she headed back to the land of Vegemite and kangaroos. After a week eating our way around Tokyo, we said very teary goodbyes and I went to meet Hannah and Ben, my friends from home, in Osaka. I took them on a whistle-stop tour of the country, visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tokyo and Yokohama. When it was time for them to fly home, with more tears on mine and Hannah's part, I flew onto Vietnam to meet mum. We talked solidly for two weeks and enjoyed beaches, a whole host of great veggie food, the craziness of Ho Chi Minh City, and some close run-ins with motorbikes. After another very teary airport goodbye, it was on to Bali to meet Issy. Two weeks of eating our way around the island, discovering incredible vegan food, indulging in smoothie bowls galore, and enjoying the stunning beaches.

Sunset Beach, Gili Trawangan

Back to Japan was a bit sad: my six weeks of travelling and a month relaxing on beaches were replaced by the stark reality that it was back to being by myself. There were some silver linings though. I caught up with my granny in Okayama and Kobe in the final few days of spring break, and then saw my godparents for two days before starting the new semester. Now I've been back into uni for a week and my new timetable has settled into routine, I'll start properly documenting what's gone on for the last two months, and what's going on now. Until then, here's a second a day of spring break. It's best watched on Youtube, but it's here too. Excuse the poor quality...but I figured I'd prioritise seeing more of the world than spending it on a camera :)


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