Venturing into YouTube

Whazzup! I'm back. Happier and more positive. Getting on with life and making the best of it, as I always do. While being in a bad head space really sucked, I'm proud of how I've channelled it. The main ways I'm doing that is through exercise, food and books. My cousin is getting married in July which is such a great thing to look forward to, and I'm so excited to be reunited with my whole family in Chicago! It's giving me something to focus on that's not here which is great.

I've talked about food a lot on this blog, my vegan and veggie adventures and just generally about Japanese cuisine. In the run up to the wedding though, I'm determined to get back to my pre-Japan fitness levels and tone up for summer in general. Food and exercise have always been a very big part of what makes me happy so I'm making sure this summer cut is something I enjoy. There's nothing better than waking up, doing some yoga and a HIIT workout to start the day. Having a short-term purpose to it is a great way to stay accountable too.

That's all pretty irrelevant to this post though. Rest assured, I'm feeling much better and happier and have kick-started the wedding guest/summer prep which is very exciting! In my latest food adventure, my friend David and I reviewed Japanese snacks and generally had a chat all things Japan. It was really fun and I've been wanting to do some more video style content so that was perfect. I'm back to my sunny self, both in real life and on YouTube.

It's best watched on YouTube here: Taste testing Japanese snacks
But it's here too if need be. I hope you enjoy and perhaps we can make another vid soon.

Love and hugs xox


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