The April/May Mashup

If you thought I couldn't share any more of my year abroad experience with you all, no fear, here is a second of video a day from the last two months being back in Japan.
I've written quite a lot lately, so I'll just let the video do the talking for itself! 

                     Watch it on YouTube here

April 1st Fagiano (Okayama's home team) football game 
April 2nd Cherry Blossom in Korakuren Gardens
April 3rd Spring time walks by the river
April 4th Visitors from home in Okayama!
April 5th Taste testing Kurashiki's famous sweets with Rachel
April 6th Essay writing
April 7th Grey view from my apartment
April 8th Cycling to class
April 9th cycling home from class
April 10th Watching Terrace House in my room
April 11th Class...
April 12th Studying for once in a while
April 13th Lecture
April 14th Izakaya with some of the new students
April 15th I paid £8 for a bag of 10 tortillas :(
April  16th Class...
April 17th Sunny cycle rides to the shops
April 18th Enjoying the sunshine! (and trying not to crash my bike)
April 19th Kurashiki adventures
April 20th International Izakaya party
April 21st Pepper the (un)helpful robot
April 22nd Cycling home
April 23rd Booking flights!
April 24th Dinner with Japanese friend
April 26th Getting used to nattou
April 27th Taste testing with David
April 28th 6.30 outside coffee break in the sunshine
April 29th Spring festival in the middle of nowhere
April 30th Evening sunshine from my apartment
May 1st My box of cranes
May 2nd Weekend in Misasa Onsen Machi
May 3rd Lunch with the Tottori gang
May 4th The incredible Tug of War (we won)
May 5th Enjoying Tottori's beautiful countryside
May 6th Watching Prison documentaries as always
May 7th Rainy season is beginning...
May 8th In class
May 9th Happy Birthday Alex!
May 10th Writing the position paper for Model UN 
May 11th Practising our speeches in Model UN class
May 12th Weekend helping Kishi-san on his farm in Kumenan
May 13th Rainy day exploring with my host family in Kumenan
May 14th Host mum driving me back to the train station
May 15th Sunny happy day dressed as Pippi Longstocking
May 16th Booking our trip to South Korea!
May 17th Another Netflix binge... this time 'The Crown'
May 18th My roommate bought a violin. Not impressed
May 19th Strange experiences at karaoke 
May 20th Hungover. Crying at the Royal Wedding
May 21st Agriculture class. Interesting in theory, class very dull
May 22nd Got my eyelashes redone
May 23rd Fog rolling in over the hills
May 24th My teacher has an incredibly annoying voice
May 25th Street drinking with new friends
May 26th Ending up in a club the size of my flat
May 27th Stringing my cranes
May 28th 100% humidity cycling is NOT FUN
May 29th Presentations in Japanese class
May 30th Rainy season is in full swing
May 31st Sunshine come back!


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